How do I use Comments Statement?

Comments You can add explanatory comments to your action logic by placing special characters in front of the comment. Comment lines are for user information only and the simulation ignores them during run time. To include a single-line comment, use a pound sign “#” or two forward slashes “//” at the beginning of the line. Multiline comments begin with a “/*”… and end with a “*/”. Some statements and functions such as GET or FREE are not ignored when found in a single comment line. To ensure they are ignored, you must use the multiline /* . . . */ comment indicators, and the ending “*/” must appear on a different line than the opening “/*”.

 FREE, GET, and JOINTLYGET, PERCENT and GROUP statements are not ignored by the // comment indicator. Use the /* … */ comment indicators. These indicators are normally used to comment multiple lines. So if you are only commenting out a single line, the closing */ must appear on a second line since it cannot exist on the same line as the opening /*.

For example:

IF Test = Reject THEN INC RejectQty
/*Number of rejects increased
for each test reject.*/


// The logic below describes how rejects are handled.

Logic Statements:

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