How do I Separate Entities?

Separating entities that were previously attached or picked up. If the entity never had another entity attached or never picked up another entity, then use the create routing to generate the new entity (see Dividing Entities).

Suggested Technique

1. Connect the separating activity or storage to another activity or storage using the Detach routing.

2. Optionally enter a condition for detaching the entities in the properties dialog of the Detach routing. (Used when more than one entity has been attached and a specific entity needs to be detached.)

3. Route the main entity (the one from which an entity is to be detached) using any routing other than a Detach routing, i.e., use a 100% routing.

Example: An Invoice has been created by an Order and later attached to the Order for processing. Now the Invoice must be separated from the Order for filing. (Invoices are filed by number and Orders by date.

Separating Entities

TO DO: Connect the Separate activity to the filing activities with connection types as shown. Since it may be possible that other entities are attached to the Order, enter the condition as shown above.

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