How do I Import Entity Graphics?

Importing Entity Graphics

Import graphics to be used as entities to enhance the dynamic representation of your model. The files that work best for entities are WMF and EMF. Other file types will work but with some limitations. JPG and GIF file types will animate properly but the static representation of the entity will often be shifted or discolored. BMP files should not be used.

Many free WMF files are available on the internet. Most graphics used in websites are either JPG or GIF which means that you can pull graphics from your company website and use them as animated graphics.

Suggested Technique

  1. Import graphics directly into the palette by right-mouse clicking inside the palette and selecting Add Files.
  2. Select the files to import. Multiple files can be selected at the same time by holding down the Ctrl key during selection.
  3. Press the Add button to add files to the palette.
  4. To make a graphic on the palette an entity, double-click on the graphic. The Shape Properties dialog will appear. Enter a name for the graphic, followed by the word Entity enclosed in parenthesis as shown above.

When shapes with this designation are placed on the layout the entity dialog will appear. To create a Storage or Resource, place those words in parentheses after the name of the shape.

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