How do I do Parallel Processing?

ProcessModel supports parallel processing. Several demo models are included to show how parallel processing is done.

Parallel Processing Using Create

  • Use a create route to create entities that are processed on a parallel path.

Example 1

Customer arrives in a car to a car wash, customer is escorted to the cashier while the car moves to car wash. Demo Model: Create & Attach.

Parallel Processing Example 1

Example 2

Account 1 comes into the system, Account 2 is created and processed on parallel as a new process for comparison. Demo Model: Old vs New Process.

Conditional Parallel Processing Example

Conditional Parallel Processing

  • Use attributes and create routes to conditionally send entities on a parallel path.


Patients with defined attributes arrive at assessment, depending on the patient’s attributes lab work, xray, CT or Ultrasound is ordered. Model: Variable Create Complete.

Conditional Parallel Processing Example
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