How do I Change Entity Graphics During Simulation?

There are two methods of changing the entity graphic during the simulation. Both methods are described below with separate suggested techniques.

  1. Change the graphic without affecting output statistics (visual change only).
  2. Change the graphic and collect statistics under the new name (visual and statistics).

Suggested Technique — Change graphic only

  1. Create each entity graphic that may be needed by placing a separate graphic on the layout with a unique name. Label the first entity placed on the screen #21, the second #22, etc. The count starts with 21 because ProcessModel has 20 built-in graphics. You can label the entities by using the text tool to place text label next to the entity.
  2. In the Action logic where the graphic is to be changed, use the NewGraphic( ) statement to assign it the graphic defined in step 1. Use the NewGraphic statement combined with the appropriate graphic number to change the graphic as desired.

Example: A manufacturing line assembles cement trucks. One of the key metrics is total cycle time. However, it is important to the client to see the build-up of the assembly. Different graphics are developed for stages of the assembly process. The change in graphic is shown writing action logic for each graphic change. If 5 entity graphics had been developed and placed in order of creation, then the first entity (for example the frame) would become graphic #21 and the second entity (frame plus the drive train) would become graphic #22. The entity graphic could be changed from the first graphic to the second by placing the following statement in the Action Logic of the activity where the change will take place.

Changing Entity Graphics During Simulation

TO DO: Create the entities that may be used (different stages of the assembly buildup) and use the NewGraphic( ) statement to change the graphic in the Action logic as shown above.

Suggested Technique — Change graphic and collect statistics under a new name

  1. Create each entity graphic that may be needed by placing a separate graphic on the layout with a unique name.
  2. Select the name of the new graphic from the New Name drop down in the routing dialog.

Example: Calls arrive into a call center based a predefined pattern. Calls are classified into three categories (Simple, medium and difficult) by percentage routings. It is desirable to track each of the categories separately.

Change graphic and collect statistics under a new name

TO DO: Place the entities to be used in the model on the layout. Go to the routing where the graphic will be changed and select the name of the graphic from the New Name drop down.

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