How do I Change Activity Time Based on Recurring Entity Passes?

An activity through which the same entity passes multiple times, possibly with a different activity time or routing with each pass.

Suggested Technique

Recurring Activities
  1. Define an attribute called Pass (or another appropriate name).
  2. In the activity Action logic, increment the Pass attribute: INC Pass
  3. Use an IF…THEN statement in Action logic to specify a different activity time for each pass through.
  4. se Conditional routings based on the value of Pass, e.g. Pass = 1 , or Pass =2 if the routing is different with each pass.

Example: A machined Part must pass through the same Wash activity twice. The wash cycle and the routing are different for each pass. The first time through the Part is washed for 5 minutes and then it goes to Station5. The second time through, the Part is washed for 3 minutes and then it goes to Station6.

TO DO: Define an attribute called Pass. Define action logic for the Wash activity as shown above. Connect Wash to each station with conditional routings, their condition fields set as shown above. Route the Part from Station5 back to the Wash activity.

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