How do I add Fixed Interval Arrivals?

Fixed Interval Arrivals

Arrivals in which one or more entities arrive at fixed time intervals.

Suggested Technique

1. Create the entity and the activity at which it will arrive.

2. Create an arrival connection to the new activity from the entity.

3. On the arrival connection’s properties sheet, select Periodic from the Type pull-down box.

4. Enter the time interval and select the time unit.

5. Enter the quantity of entities to arrive at each interval.

Example: A tour group convenes in the lobby of a museum every hour to start a tour. The size of the tour group is 25.

TO DO: Place the entity and activity in the model. Connect the entity and activity and select Periodic from the Type pull-down box. Enter the 60 min in the Repeat every field and 25 in the Quantity per arrival field.

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