How to Export Data From ProcessModel?


  1. Select Export Data from the Tools menu.
  2. Select the items to export. Click OK.

Export is created as a .XLSX. If you have Excel on your computer, it will automatically start with the Processmodel data active. You can now edit the exported data file manually using MS Excel.

Exporting Model Data from processmodel

Detailed Information

ProcessModel allows you to export model data to Excel. This will allow you to create spreadsheets representing your model data. Once in the Excel format, data can be changed and imported back into ProcessModel. This allows, for example, all route times to be changed from one spreadsheet table in a matter of seconds. Using the formatting, formula, and VBA capabilities of Excel, custom forms can be created, serving as a custom entry area. ProcessModel will import the value found in the respective spreadsheet cells. The general data structure of the information exported cannot be changed. For example, entities or activities (new Excel rows) can’t be added but the values of any of the fields can be viewed or changed. When exporting action logic, a maximum of 30,000 characters (per dialog) will be exported, including spaces and carriage returns. Export files will be packaged with the other model files so that modifications to the Excel file will be passed on to the recipient of the package. See Using Model Objects.

Another use of exporting information to Excel is for validation of the model data. Having all of the information in one spot is valuable for checking throughout the model during project reviews.

From the Export Model Data dialog, you may export all data or export only specific items.

When you export model data, ProcessModel creates a separate table or spreadsheet for each object type. For example, data created for activities will appear on a separate sheet with individual rows for each activity type. Below is an example export showing the Activity tab.

Exported data from processmodel to excel

If you previously exported the model data, and changed the data to anything other than a value, those cells may not be overwritten during export.

How to Import Data into ProcessModel?

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