How do I use WAIT UNTIL Statement?

Delays processing of the current logic until the Boolean expression is true. The rest of the model continues to process during the delay. Note that if the expression initially evaluates to be false, ProcessModel reevaluates it only when a variable in the expression changes. ProcessModel releases multiple entities waiting on the same condition one at a time. This allows a released entity to reset the variable value and prevent the release of other waiting entities.


WAIT UNTIL v_Var1 > 3
WAIT UNTIL v_Var1 < a_Attr3 AND v_Var2 >= 5

Boolean expression The condition that must be satisfied to continue processing the entity or resource. One side of the Boolean expression must contain a variable that can change due to some other event in the model.


The following example uses the WAIT…UNTIL statement to group a variable number of people at an airport shuttle stop. As each person arrives at the shuttle stop, a variable (v_Total) is incremented to keep track of the number of people waiting. The WAIT…UNTIL statement causes all people to wait at this point until the variable, v_Total, is equal to or greater than five.

INC v_Total
WAIT UNTIL v_Total >= 5

Logic Statements:

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