How do I use NEWNAME Statement?

This statement allows you to change the name of an entity along with its graphic so that model animation as well as statistical reports will reflect the change. In effect, this statement reassigns the entity the name enclosed in parentheses and changes the graphic i.d. number appropriately.



name The new name assigned to the entity with its accompanying graphic if defined on the layout. The new entity and its graphic must be previously defined on the layout when using this statement.


We want to see completed orders as a different graphic and collect statistics on the completed orders, so we use the NewName statement on the entity named Order. At the activity or connection where the change takes place, enter the following in properties dialog Action logic:


An entity can be renamed using either the New Name drop down list in a routing Properties Dialog Box, or the NEWNAME statement in action logic. When renaming, all attributes from the original entity are inherited except the system created attributes ID and Name. The system created attributes which are inherited are Cost, CycleStart, and VATime.

Logic Statements:

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