How do I use NEWGRAPHIC Statement?

This statement allows you to change an entity’s graphic without changing the name of the entity. The NEWGRAPHIC statement will permit you to graphically depict a change in an entity’s state without affecting the statistics collected for the original entity. The NEWGRAPHIC statement allows depiction of:

• assembly, by adding to the complexity of graphics
• value or size change, by increasing the size of the graphics
• exception tracking, by changing the color of the graphic.

For more information, see Finding Graphic ID Numbers.



id# The identification number of the new entity graphic you want to use in the animation. Numbers (1-20) are pre-assigned to the entities in the standard entities shape palette. When you place entity graphics on the layout, ProcessModel adds them internally as graphic number 21, 22, 23, . . . and so on.


Suppose you want a completed order to appear with a different graphic. To do this, you would use the NewGraphic statement for the entity (e.g. Order) to change its ID from 21 to 22 (this will substitute a new graphic for the original). At the activity or connection where the change takes place, enter the following statement in the Action logic:


Logic Statements:

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