How do I use Multiple Resources on a Single Activity?

Using more than one resource (employee, machine, etc.) to perform an activity.

Suggested Technique

1. Connect the resources to the activity or routing.

2. Make sure that each connection Type is either a Get or Get and Free.

Example: A dental treatment requires the use of a dentist and an assistant.

Using Multiple Resources

TO DO: Connect both resources to the activity.

  •  Alternatively, you may use the GET or JOINTLYGET and FREE statements in the Action logic. Connected resources will always be captured before resources specified in a GET statement. On the other hand, resource connections that free a resource occur after any Action logic for the activity. If each resource is required for different lengths of time, use Get connections and specify the times followed by FREE statements in the activity Action logic. For example:

TIME(3.5 min)
FREE Doctor
TIME(5 min) // Nurse used for 5 additional minutes
FREE Nurse

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