How do I use a FREE Statement?

The free statement allows you to free a resource (or resources) used by the current entity.


FREE [ quantity ] resource
FREE [ quantity ] resource , [ quantity ] resource , …

[quantity] The number of units of the following resource to free. If no quantity is used, the quantity is assumed to be one. (The square brackets illustrate only that this element is optional.)

resource The name of the resource or list of resource names to be freed. If any resource specified is not being used by the current entity, it is simply ignored.

ALL The keyword used to free all captured resources currently used by the entity crossing the FREE statement. When one of many resources could be selected, the FREE ALL is especially useful to release whichever selected resource.


In the following example, an entity, which earlier captured the resource Operator, frees the Operator after a three-minute activity time. This action is followed by an increment of the variable called v_TimesUsed.

TIME 3 min
FREE Operator
INC v_TimesUsed

Logic Statements:

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