How do I use Assignment Statement?

( ) = ( )

This is the assignment statement which allows you to assign a value (or descriptor) to a variable or to one of the attributes defined for your entities.


assignee = assignor

assignee The variable or attribute to which the value is assigned.
assignor The value assigned to the variable. This could be another variable or attribute, a pre-defined descriptor, or a mathematical expression.


In the first example, the attribute a_ Attr1 is assigned a value of 2. The second example assigns the value of a_ PO_No to the attribute a_ Invoice_No . Number three assigns the descriptor Red to the attribute a_ Color . And the last example assigns the product of 5 and the value of Base to the attribute a_ Size.

1) a_Attr1 = 2
2) a_Invoice_No = a_PO_No
3) a_Color = Red
4) a_Size = 5 * Base

Logic Statements:

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