How do I use Alternate Resources on an activity?

Designating a resource to use as an alternate if the primary resource assigned to the activity or move is unavailable.

Suggested Technique

1. Connect the primary resource to the activity or routing.

2. Connect the alternate resource to the primary resource connection.

Alternative resources may also be captured using the GET or JOINTLYGET statement with the OR operator. Connected resources will always be captured before resources specified in a GET statement. On the other hand, resource connections that free a resource occur after any Action logic for the activity.

Example: Normally the loan officer will help the customer with the loan application at the Application activity, but if no loan officers are available, a customer service representative can take the loan application.

Using Alternate Resources

TO DO: Connect the Service Rep (the alternate resource) to the assignment connection between the Loan Officer and the Application activity as shown above.

To learn more, see Resources and Resource Assignments.

 If you use a GET connection (instead of a GET & FREE) to capture a resource and then connect an alternate resource to that connection, you must connect a free connection to both the primary and alternate resources when the resource is freed. One free connection is then executed and the others are ignored; the correct resource is freed without you knowing which one was captured.

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