How do I Use a Resource to Move Entities?

Using a Resource to Move Entities

Routing an entity with the use of a resource (employee, machine, etc.).

Suggested Technique

  1. Create the routing connection where the resource will be used.
  2. Create the resource. (Be sure that the Object Type field in the properties dialog indicates Resource .)
  3. Connect the resource to the routing connection using the line tool.

Alternatively, you may use a GET statement in the Action logic of the routing connection and a FREE statement in the Action logic of the next activity. Connected resources will always be captured before resources specified in a GET statement. On the other hand, resource connections that free a resource occur after any Action logic for the routing or activity.

Example: Patients in a waiting room are escorted to a treatment room by a nurse.

TO DO: Connect the nurse (once created as above) to the appropriate routing.

To learn more about resources, see Resources and Resource Assignments.

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