How do I Ungroup or Unbatch Before an Activity?

For entities routed to an activity as a batch, it may be desirable to unbatch the entities prior to the activity (in the input queue) for processing each entity individually.

Suggested Technique

1. Select Unbatch in the Before Activity section of the Batching tab for the activity.

Example: The sales department accumulates a stack of 20 purchase orders, Orders , which move together as a batch to accounting for billing. At the Billing activity, an invoice is created for each purchase order and sent on individually to a data entry activity.

Ungrouping or Unbatching Before an Activity

TO DO: Select the Billing activity and select the Batching tab. Now choose Unbatch for Before Activity as shown above.

  •  If you want to accumulate the same entities back into a batch after the activity, select Rebatch for After Activity and make sure an output queue capacity is defined to meet or exceed the quantity that will be rebatched.
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