How do I Ungroup or Unbatch After an Activity?

Separate an entity batch into individual entities after the completion of an activity. It is assumed that entities have been previously batched. To create entities from a single entity that has not been batched, see Creating Entities.

Suggested Technique

1. Select Unbatch in the After Activity section of the Batching tab for the activity.

 Example: After being painted and dried in batches, Parts are unbatched before moving on. The Parts enter the Dry activity already grouped (in the Paint activity). They are dried as a batch and then unbatched to be routed to the next activity individually.

TO DO: Select the Dry activity’s Batching tab. Choose Unbatch for After Activity. You may need to define an output queue for the activity if you don’t want to block up the paint and dry activities.

  •  All batches or groups are unbatched when the batched entity exits the model in order to complete statistics collection on each entity.
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