How do I Track Times Against a Standard?

Counting the number of times that an activity or other time consuming events fell within a particular range.

Suggested Technique

  1. Create two variables and an attribute (all of type Real) used in tracking the statistic.
  2. In the appropriate Action logic, increment or decrement the variable accordingly.

Example: A call service center with 50 operators wants to measure its level of service by tracking the number of calls that are answered within 30 seconds compared with the number of calls that are not. Calls are answered by an automated system and put on hold until they can be answered by an operator. A variable is created to track each number: v_ Above and v_ Below . An attribute called a_ Start_Time is used to track the waiting time.

Tracking Times Against a Standard

TO DO: Create the variables v_ Above and v_ Below and the attribute a_ Start_Time . Enter the Action logic in the storage and activity as shown above. Enter an Input Queue Size of 0 (zero) and a capacity of 50 for the activity. Enter a Move time of 0 (zero) for the routing connection between the storage and activity.

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