How do I Simulate Employee Absenteeism?

Employee Absenteeism

Employees, for one reason or another, are not always available. An employee may miss a day, half day, or an hour of work.

Suggested Technique

  1. Select the employee (resource) to display its properties dialog.
  2. Click on the Availability tab.
  3. Select the Time option and enter a Time between interruptions (the number of hours between the employee’s absences). This is usually a distribution to indicate the variability of absenteeism.
  4. Enter the number of hours the employee is absent in the Interruption time field. Often this is 8 hours to indicate a full day of work missed. (It could also be a distribution.)

Example: The assembly line has 10 workers. Each worker misses a day of work an average of every 30 days worked (Uniformly distributed between 15 and 45 days).

TO DO: Select the Workers resource and click on the Availability tab. Select Time and enter the values as shown above, using a distribution to introduce variability to absenteeism. Multiply the distribution described above by 24 ash shown below in order to achieve units of days instead of hours.

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