How do I Rebatch to a Previous Quantity?

Rebatch to a Previous Quantity

Create a batch that is the same size as a previous batch without specifying a quantity. This allows the batch size to be set in one place and all subsequent batches to be set automatically. To unbatch entities after the operation, see Ungrouping or Unbatching After an Activity.

Suggested Technique (re-creating a batch)

1. Specify an input queue capacity for the activity that is at least as great as the largest batch size. (Activity input queues are automatically set to 999 as the default capacity.)

2. In the Batching tab, select Rebatch for Before Activity

Example: A batch of 48 PC boards must be unpacked (unbatched) at the Receiving activity, individually inspected at the Inspection activity, and then moved individually (on a conveyor) to be rebatched at the Packaging activity.

TO DO: Select Rebatch for Before Activity in the Batching tab of the Packaging activity. Then enter a number greater than or equal to 48 in the Input Queue Cap. field in the General tab.

  •  The Rebatch option may also be used to create a batch for arrivals defined with a quantity greater than one. See Batching.
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