How do I Pull Highest Priority Entities First from a Queue?

Highest Priority Entities First

Pull entities out of a queue based on a priority by using a real or contrived resource as the enabler to move down the routing. This could be based on dollar value, how much time they have spent in the system or even the time of day.

Suggested Technique

  1. Place a priority on entities before they arrive at the queue.
  2. Pull the highest priority items from the queue by using a resource to capture by priority.
  3. Free the resource so that it can capture the next entity

Example: Two types of orders are placed in a storage container. High priority items represent orders for greater than $1,000 and should be processes first.

TO DO: Create a attribute named a_Priority (this may be any name). Assign the priority to the entity on the arrival route before it arrives in the storage. From the storage, GET a resource as the enabler and use the priority of the entity as the priority to GET the resource.

 To learn more about Resource Priorities, see Resource Assignments.

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