How do I Process Individual Entities from a Batch?

A batched entity enters an activity input queue where each entity in the batch is processed individually. The entities may be rebatched optionally in the output queue.

Suggested Technique

1. Route the previously batched entity to the activity. Make sure the activity has an input queue capacity greater than zero (the default is 999).

2. In the activity’s properties dialog under the batching tab, select Unbatch for Before Activity. (Optionally select Rebatch for After Activity if you wish to have the entities regrouped in the same quantity as they came in.)

Example: A batch of 48 PC boards must be unpacked (unbatched) and individually inspected at the Inspection activity and then batched together again before they are moved to the Packaging activity. (It is assumed that the PC Boards have been previously batched.)

TO DO: Select Unbatch for Before Activity and Rebatch for After Activity in Batching tab of the Inspection activity. Enter 48 (or a higher number) in the Output Queue Cap. field in the General tab.

  •  If individual entity statistics are unimportant, it is easiest to leave the batch intact at each activity (or let a single entity represent the batch) and specify an activity time equal to the time needed to process the entire batch at the activity. See GroupQty( ) to change the time based on quantity in the batch.
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