How do I Prioritize Resource Usage?

When two different activities each have an entity waiting to use the same resource, one activity may have higher priority over another. When that is the case, the resource will be used at the activity with a higher priority specified in the resource connection.

Suggested Technique

  1. Select the resource connection that is attached to the activity with a higher priority.
  2. Enter a priority in the Priority field between 0 and 99. The higher the number the higher the priority (the default is 0).
  3. Enter the appropriate priorities in the properties dialogs of the remaining resource connections that must be prioritized.

 Alternatively, you may use the GET or JOINTLY GET statements in the Action logic with a priority set off by a comma for the resource: GET Resource1, 99 . Connected resources will always be captured before resources specified in a GET statement. On the other hand, resource connections that free a resource occur after any Action logic for the activity.

 Example: A grocery store uses their available cashiers to restock shelves during slow times, but their cashiering duties have a higher priority than restocking. Note: For the priority to work, customers must be waiting in line (in the input queue) when the resource becomes free. If people are not waiting, the priority will not be the determining factor for selection.

Prioritizing Resource Usage

TO DO: Connect the worker to both Restock and Cashiering activities, but enter a priority of 1 for the cashiering connection. (The default for the other connection is a priority of 0.) When there are available cashiers, they will respond first to the cashiering activity since it has a higher priority.

 To learn more about resources, see Resources and Resource Assignments.

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