How do I Pick Up Entities?

The entity requesting the pickup is attached to the requested entity.

Suggested Technique

1. Create a routing for the entity that will trigger the pickup to occur.

2. Create a pickup routing attached to the activity where the entity is to be picked up. Optionally you may designate Pickup: created entity in the properties dialog.

  •  If desirable, picked up entities can later be detached and again reattached.

Example: A clinic processes samples provided by patients and provides results to the patient. Each patient provides a sample (Create a Sample). The patient proceeds to the waiting room to await results. The sample is processed and when ready is the triggering device to signal the patient to move forward and pick the sample up.

Picking Up Entities

TO DO: Create the activities and routings as shown above, changing the connection types as indicated. Enter the entity name for the Created entity to sample and select Pickup: created entity in the Pickup routing.

  •  Also see Pickup for additional information about the Pickup routing.
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