How do I Interrupt Resources?

Taking a resource off a task to perform another whether or not it has finished the original task. Then the resource returns to the interrupted task to finish it.

Suggested Technique

  1. Select the resource connection that is attached to the activity or routing that should always receive immediate attention.
  2. Check the Respond immediately box in the properties dialog of the resource connection.

 Alternatively, you may use the GET or JOINTLYGET statements in the Action logic with a priority of 100 set off by a comma for the resource: GET Resource1, 100. (The 100 is an interruptive priority.) Connected resources will always be captured before resources specified in a GET statement. On the other hand, resource connections that free a resource occur after any Action logic for the activity.

Example: A receptionist must type up dictations and answer the phone. When the phone rings the receptionist must interrupt typing the current dictation and answer the phone.

Interrupting Resources

TO DO: Make the connections and check the Respond immediately box as shown above.

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