How do I Import New Shapes?

Add customized graphics to the Palette. The best graphics format includes WMF and EMF. Other graphic formats should not be used.

How To – Add Shapes to a Palette

1. Right-mouse-click on any shape in the palette. Select Add Files.


2. Browse for .wmf or .emf graphics (other graphic formats are not supported) to import into the palette. Click Add to start the import.

add shapes to palettes

3. After the graphic is imported, double-click on the graphic to open the shape properties dialog. Name the shape and provide a “type” in parenthesis (Example: Worker (Resource) or Phone (Entity). The “type” determines the dialog that will appear when the shape is placed on the layout. If the shape is given no “type” in parenthesis then it will be assumed an activity. Adjust other properties as needed for connect points, text layout, etc.

How To – Converting graphics from jpg, gif or bmp to WMF or EMF

A file that has been converted from a raster-based format (i.e. .jpg or .gif) to a vector-based format will not function like a native vector-based graphic.

In order to create a WMF or emf from the graphic, follow the instructions below;

1. In a program like Coreldraw, open your image.

2. Find the function that does outline or detailed trace of the image.

3. Now save the image as .WMF or .EMF.

Caution: You should only import .wmf or .emf vector-based graphic files. Other file formats (such as .jpg) may shift, change color, or display other kinds of distortion from the original graphic during simulation. “.bmp” files are not supported.

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