How do I Group or Batch Before an Activity?

Collect two or more entities in the input queue of an activity in order to process them together as a batch. Useful for batching a specified quantity or for rebatching a batch of items that had been previously unbatched. To unbatch entities after the operation, see Ungrouping or Unbatching After an Activity.

Suggested Technique (batching a specified quantity)

1. Specify an input queue capacity for the activity that is at least as great as the largest batch size. (Activity input queues are automatically set to 999 as the default capacity.)

2. In the Batching tab, select Batch for Before Activity.

3. Specify the quantity to be batched.

Example: Parts are collected in groups of ten and painted in an automatic painting process. The Parts enter the Paint activity input queue individually, they are grouped in sets of 10, painted, and routed to the Dry activity as a group.

Grouping or Batching Before an Activity

TO DO: Select the Paint activity’s Batching tab. Choose Batch for Before Activity and set the quantity to be batched at 10.

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