How do I Group or Batch After an Activity?

Grouping or Batching After an Activity

Collect two or more entities into a batch or group after an activity in order to move them onto the next activity as a batch. Useful for accumulating a batch of a specified quantity or recreating a batch that had been previously batched.

Suggested Technique (batching a specified quantity)

1. Specify an output queue capacity for the activity that is at least as great as the largest batch size.

2. In the Batching tab, select Batch for After Activity.

3. Specify the quantity to be batched.

Example: In producing TO-DO pads, the printer groups the pads into batches of 50 as they come off the press (after the Printing activity). The pads are then routed to the Padding activity and then to the Cutting activity.

TO DO: Select the Batching tab of the Printing activity and choose Batch for After Activity, then enter a Batch Size of 50. Select the General tab and enter 50 in the Output Queue Cap. field.

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