How do I Group or Batch a Variable Quantity at a Specific Time?

Collect two or more entities into a batch or group after an activity or queue in order to move them onto the next activity as a batch. Useful for holding entities for daily processing.

Suggested Technique (batching a variable quantity)

1. Make the routing prior to batching activity an Attach routing. In place of a quantity to attach, insert the word ALL.

2. Place a new (temporary) entity with an arrival connector to the batching location.

3. Set the arrival type to match your batching pattern. Often a Daily Pattern arrival will provide all the flexibility needed to set batching times.

Example: Product orders arrive throughout the day but are not processed until 4:00 PM

Grouping or Batching a Variable Quantity at a Specific Time

TO DO: Create a new entity that will act as a trigger to cause batching to occur. Create a Daily Pattern arrival for the “trigger” entity. Set the pattern of arrival, for each day, to have a single entity arrive at the time the batch is to occur. Create a queue, or holding location, for the entities that will be batched. Make the routing an Attach routing from the queue to the batch location with a quantity of ALL.

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