How do I Find Graphic ID Numbers

There is no way to display the actual graphic ID number of an entity. It must be calculated. A brief explanation will be needed for this process.

Each shape (entity, activity, storage, etc.) on the screen has an ID number associated with it which is assigned in the order in which the shape is placed on the layout window. Entity graphic ID numbers are different numbers than the shape number, but are likewise assigned in the order in which they are placed on the layout window. Since the entity graphic ID number is never displayed, you must first determine what order the entities were placed in the model. This can be done by displaying the shape number and ordering the entity graphic ID number accordingly. The first 20 graphic ID numbers are reserved, so an entity’s graphic ID number is calculated by adding 20 to the sequence number that the entities were placed on the screen. For example, if you placed six shapes on the screen in the order Entity A, Activity 1, Activity 2, Activity 3, Entity B, Entity C, then the entity graphic ID numbers would be as follows:

  • entity A = 21 (20 + 1st entity placed)
  • entity B = 22 (20 + 2nd entity placed)
  • entity C = 23 (20 + 3rd entity placed)

There are two methods which can be used to display shape numbers. The first method displays all shape numbers on the screen at once.

  1. Click any object except a routing.
  2. Click Format / Numbering and select Show All Shape Numbers.

The next method shows a single shape’s ID number.

  1. Click View / Notes or press the F6 key. This will display a Notes window for the currently selected shape.
  2. Click on an entity. The entity’s shape number is displayed in the window’s title bar. By clicking on each entity, you can determine the order in which the entities were placed in the model.
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