How do I Export Model Visuals?

1. Press CTRL + A to select all objects in your model, then press CTRL + C to copy.

2. In MS Word (or other MS Office application) click Paste Special then select Picture (Windows Metafile) in As and click OK. As a WMF element, the picture may be scaled to any size and retain excellent resolution.

  • A model image can also be printed to PDF using the Microsoft Print to PDF tool available in all the latest versions of Windows. To print to PDF simply click ‘File \ Print’ and select Microsoft Print to PDF as the name of the printer, click ‘OK’ to open a dialog to save the report as PDF. Print to a single large page by changing the page size to match the printer capability. A large format printer (plotter) prints posters or larger single-page images.
  • Click File \ Save As Web Page to save the model as a web page.

Printing Page Numbers

How-to include page numbers when a model is printed.

  1. Click File / Page Setup.
  2. Click the Header/Footer tab.
  3. Click Custom Header or Custom Footer (depending on where you want the page number to appear).
  4. Click the mouse cursor in the Section you prefer (Left, Center, or Right).
  5. Click the Insert Page # icon to add the page number.
  6. Click the OK button.
  7. Click the Options tab.
  8. In the Pagination section, click Book Mode.
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