How do I do Alternate Branching?

Alternate Branching

Routing entities to an alternate storage or activity when the primary routing is selected destination has insufficient capacity.

Suggested Technique

1. Create the primary routing(s) from the activity or storage to the desired destination(s).

2. Create an Alternate routing, connecting it from the primary routing to the alternate destination. (Multiple Attach, Pickup, or Ordered routings should be connected directly from the activity and used with the Else routing.)

Example: Normally a car coming into the shop (at the Front Desk activity) for service is routed to the Service Bay, but when three cars are waiting for service at the Service Bay, incoming cars car may be routed to the Brakes bay for service.

TO DO: Create the activities, assigning a capacity of three to the Service Bay input queue. Connect the Front Desk to the Service Bay with a 100% routing, then connect the Alternate routing from the Percent routing to the Brakes activity.

 To learn more about the Alternate routing, see Alternate.

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