How do I Create Entities?

One or more new entities are created or split off from another entity at an activity. (The values of any user-defined attributes are the same as those of the entity that triggered their creation.)

Suggested Technique

1. Define a routing from the activity where the creation occurs (this is the routing to be used for all entities created by the activity).

2. Select the connection and choose Create from the Type list in the properties dialog.

3. Enter the name of the newly created entity in the Created entity name field.

  •  When you add an additional text label to an entity, place the label on the center of the entity. Otherwise, the entity will appear larger during simulation.

4. In the Entities to be created field, enter the quantity of entities the activity will create for each entity coming into the activity.

5. Define another routing from the activity to route the original incoming entity. (If no other routing is defined, the original entity will exit the model.)

 Example: See the example on Reuniting Entities.

  •  To learn more about creating entities, see Create.
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