How do I Create Activity Disassembly?

Detach one or more entities from another entity to which they have been attached.

Suggested Technique

1. Create an activity where the disassembly is to occur and define the disassembly time.

2. Use a Detach routing for the entities to be detached from the assembly. (Use Name = entity_name in the Condition field to detach only certain entities.)

3. Define a routing (not a Detach) for the entity to which the others were attached (the base or main entity).

  •  If you want to separate one or more entities from another entity and they have not been previously attached to the entity somewhere in the model, use the create routing. See Creating Entities.

Example: A store rents Skis to Customers for a random period of time and the Customer later returns the Skis to be checked back into the Ski Storage.

TO DO: Attach the Skis to the Customer at the Rental activity. Define the random rental time in the Rental activity, then route the Customer to the Return_Skis activity. Detach the Skis from the Customer using a Detach routing as shown above and route the Customers out of the Return_Skis activity with a 100% routing.

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