How do I Change the Speed of Animation?

Changing the Speed of Animation

During presentations it is often desirable to change the speed of animation to skip over periods of time that are uneventful and to slow the simulation to enhance understanding or make specific points.

Suggested Technique

  • Create an IF-Then statement that checks for time range and then either speeds up or slows down the animation.

Example: At the start of the model run turn the animation off until the simulation reaches 168 hours. At the simulation clock time of 168 hours the simulation speed will be set to 30

TO DO: At the first activity, use an If-Then-Else statement to check the simulation clock. If the time is less than 168 hours, use the Animate statement to set the animation speed to 0 (turns the animation off). Otherwise set the animation speed to 30 (30% of full speed).

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