How do I Change Activity Time Based on a Percentage?

The activity time or some other activity action occurring only a percentage of the time.

Suggested Technique for Activity Times

If only the activity time is different based on percentage, the following technique may be used.

1. Select the General tab of the activity’s properties dialog.

2. Enter a Discrete distribution function in the Time field for simple activity time assignment by percentage.

Example: An activity takes 5 minutes 28% of the time, and 7 minutes 72% of the time.

Percentage-Dependent Activities

TO DO: Enter the Discrete distribution (as shown above) in the Time field.

  •  To learn more about the Discrete distribution, see Distributions.

Suggested Technique for Activity Actions

1. In the Action logic of the activity, use the Percent() function in an IF…THEN statement.

2. Define Action logic for the true and false cases of the Percent() function.

Example: Twenty percent of the time the X_Ray activity requires the use of a Specialist for 30 minutes. The other 80% of the time X_Ray simply takes 15 minutes with no resource required.

Percentage-Dependent Activities

TO DO: In  X_Ray ’s Action Logic, enter the logic as shown above.

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