How do I Branch based on Percentage?

Percentage-Based Branching

Routing entities from one activity to one of several subsequent activities based on percentages, e.g. 40% go to one activity and 60% go to another.

Suggested Technique

1. Create connections from the activity (or storage) to all the possible destinations.

2. In the properties dialog for each connection, select Percentage as the routing type and enter the percentage for that route.

Example: A bank expects 10% of its lobby customers to seek out a loan officer, 75% to require a teller, and 15% to open a new account or need some other customer service.

TO DO: Connect the Lobby activity with Percentage routings as indicated above.

All percentages must add up to exactly 100%. If only two percentage routings are used, ProcessModel automatically adjusts one when you change the other in order to make the percentages balance to 100%. If there are more than two percentage routings, you must make them add up to 100% manually.

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