How do I assign Resources?

Resource assignments define the use of one or more resources in performing an activity or moving an entity. For each entity that is processed or moved, each assigned resource is captured and held until it is freed via the resource connection or a FREE statement in Action logic. While the resource is captured, it is not available for use by other activities or routing connections. To be pulled away from a task the resource is performing, it must be interrupted by a resource assignment that has the Respond immediately box checked.

Resources may be captured for performing an activity or a move. They may also be freed or kept after the activity or move is completed. Multiple or alternative resources may be used for an activity or move.

A connected resource is always captured BEFORE any defined activity or move time and freed AFTER an activity or move time. If an input queue is defined for an activity, the connected resource is captured prior to the entity entering the activity. If no input queue is defined, the entity enters the activity and then captures the resource. Multiple resources required for an activity or routing are not captured until they are all available. To capture multiple resources as each becomes available, use a GET statement in the Action logic of the activity or routing.

Assignment Types

Following is an explanation of each type of resource assignment and the information in its properties dialog.

Using Multiple Resources

You may use multiple resources and mix the resource connection types. You can mix multiple and alternate resources. When defining multiple resource connections, remember that they are executed in the order in which they were defined. To change that order, disconnect the resource connections and reattach them in the order you desire.

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