How do I add Random Interval Arrivals?

Random Interval Arrivals

An average number of entities arrive randomly throughout a specified period. Useful in modeling situations where no specific pattern seems to exist.

Suggested Technique

1. Connect the entity to the storage or activity.

2. Select the connection and choose Periodic from the Type pull-down box.

3. Enter a distribution to create randomness in the Repeat every field. (The exponential distribution is recommended, e.g., E(10) would yield a random time period with an average of ten minutes.)

4. Enter the number of entities to arrive during the period. (This is usually left at the default of 1 .)

Example: A car wash gets an average of ten customers per hour arriving at random intervals. (This can be reduced to one customer about every six minutes.)

TO DO: Connect the Customer entity to the Line storage (where customers wait in line) and select Periodic from the Type pull-down box. Enter a distribution of E(6) to create an arrival about every six minutes.

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