How do I add Availability to a Resource?

Taking into account the employee’s additional duties, not defined in the model, using resource availability. Useful when an employee is not always available to perform the activity assigned to him or her in the model due to personal circumstances or extraneous duties.

Employee Availability

Suggested Technique

  1. Select the resource to which additional duties are to be assigned.
  2. In the properties dialog, select the Availability tab.
  3. Use the percentage option to indicate the percentage of time the employee is available to perform duties within the model.

 Example: A Support Technician is primarily responsible for answering technical support calls, however, about 15% of his time is spent in administrative duties and other activities unrelated to the process.

TO DO… Select the Technician resource and click on the Availability tab. Enter 85 in the Percent field. Now the Technician is available 85% of the time and performs duties and activities outside the scope of the model 15% of the time.

 Optionally, you can assign the resource to one or more activities that represent the extraneous work. Use a periodic arrival to have tasks randomly arrive at these activities.

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