Process map is a map that visually represents the activity flow of any process. Process flow can be described as a series of connections of relevant processes steps, activates that make up specific processes, from start till the end. Process map will always be studied from left to right or from top to bottom. Using arrows that go from right to left or from bottom to top should always be avoided and is an incorrect mapping technique.

ProcessModel is powerful process simulation software that is used world over for process improvement. Process mapping is one of the very basic functions ProcessModel can do; it has a very handy Gallery on the right hand side that contains shape palette, options for 3d shadows, multiple type of arrows, lines, font options and fill options. Using the default shape palette one can produce many high quality process maps. Simple select any of the icons in the palette and drag them to the layout window. When you need to connect activities, resources or entities simple select the object, click on it and drag to connect it to the other object.

Producing basic process maps in ProcessModel is a breeze; one can create basic process maps that look good within 5 to 10 min, here is a model that I came up with in less than 10 min, it represents a call center and how calls are routed within the call center.

There are literally thousands of shapes/icons within the ProcessModel shape palette that one can use to make any kind of process maps for; healthcare, military, medical, hospital, labs, call centers, airports, computers, office, security and a lot more! There are also objects for value stream mapping and for creating logic diagrams. The layout window can be customized and made printer friendly so you can print your process maps.

ProcessModel is not just about process mapping, it can do process simulation, has Stat::Fit for creating custom distributions, has SimRunner to find out what will work perfectly for your goals, you can run multiple replications of your model to obtain a better average of results, you can use multiple scenarios to know what option will work best in real life. It is a complete process improvement package for six sigma professionals that do not like wasting their time on nonsense mapping software that do nothing more than just ‘mapping’, ProcessModel simulation software provide the tools needed by professionals to not only map there processes but also simulate data and find real life results.