ProcessModel clients, including ESPN, Cendant and others, have experienced massive gains in process improvement initiatives and have set the stage for long term process improvement success in as little as two weeks! What was the key to these dramatic successes? The answer is in our project strategy called ProcessBreakthrough.

ProcessBreakthrough is for organizations that want to see results, not simply buy a software product. Although our acclaimed software ProcessModel is included, the real value of a ProcessBreakthrough engagement is the business value and immediate ROI.

In a ProcessBreakthrough a specific (and urgent) problem is selected, analyzed and solved with very specific and measurable results. During the process, we teach client teams how to continue improving their processes and become process improvement champions!

ProcessBreakthrough – A Simple 3 Step Process!

  1. Identify Strategic Functions

We begin by discussing corporate process improvement objectives with senior management. This is critical for long-term BPM and must occur first. Without top management support, dramatic process improvement cannot take place.

Our team of experienced process improvement professionals first helps set the stage for process improvement, and develop a high-level business model and a strategy for selecting a problem area and running the initial “pilot project”.

  1. Focus on Customer Driven Metrics

A process map is developed for the business processes in the targeted area, identifying the customers, products and the activity flows of the current processes.

Process improvement has a lot to do with improving the customer experience and we work with client teams to identify key customer experience metrics to ensure a positive customer impact of process improvement projects.

In this stage process champions are identified, educated and coached so they can be self-sustaining and provide maximum improvement for future assigned projects.

  1. Align and Improve

Once objectives have been charted and processes have been documented, we then run simulated “what-if” scenarios to help identify, analyze and improve current business processes. In this stage, the team is coached through proper diagnosis of processes, improvement problems and the associated impacts.

The result is a solution to a business problem that delivers value and a solid return on the ProcessBreakthrough investment.

Bringing it All Together…

For a ProcessBreakthrough, we provide a dedicated team of process improvement specialists for the duration of the project. The objective is to ensure success on the first project and make certain that client teams know how to roll forward with confidence on future projects.