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How to install ProcessModel on a Mac

In order install ProcessModel on a Mac computer we will need to install Windows along with, or within the OSX. The set of instructions below should ideally be carried out by IT, unless you feel confident making system level changes to your computer.


install ProcessModel on a Mac to perform process simulation and process improvement projects.

Windows install file:

  1. A genuine copy (ISO) of Windows – Windows 7 or greater.

An installation copy of one of the following:

  • Parallels Desktop
  • VirtualBox
  • Boot Camp

List of articles to help with installing Windows on a Mac:

Once Windows has been installed, ProcessModel can be installed by starting Windows and then installing ProcessModel as its normally done on Windows.

ProcessModel does not provide support on issues that might arise from following this guide, or the linked articles.

About the Author:

Scott Baird has been president of ProcessModel for more than 15 years. His focus has been to teach others how to improve processes dramatically. He has been successful in transferring these skills to over 200 companies, including ESPN, NASA, GE, Nationwide, Cendant, SSA and many more. Specialties: Group facilitation for process improvement, process design and simulation, simulation modeling, business management and training others to see opportunities. Scott loves to teach process improvement and has often been heard to say, “Of all the things I do, training others to improve processes is my favorite.” Scott is a father of four and a grandfather of eight. He is an avid woodworker, designing and creating presentation boxes. In his spare time, he volunteers in a college preparation program.


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    Scott you helped me save a lot of my time installing ProcessModel on a Mac. I find this post very useful.

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    I think this should be carried out by an IT professional. However, I installed ProcessModel on my Mac and its working fine.

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