Prompt: An unsupported operation

When trying to run SimRunner, the following error is encountered: An unsupported operation was attempted. An unsupported operation was attempted. iGrafx executable is not responding. Reason: There is a known incompatibility between Sequel Viewpoint and SimRunner on ProcessModel. Solution: The issue can be resolved by replacing the GSW files that are overwritten [...]

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Prompt: UpdateAfterGet()

When I simulate my model I get the following error: Compiler Error,UpdateAfterGet() Reason: You have tried to Get an entity rather than a resource. Solution: Change the object you are getting from type Entity to type Resource, or if you have incorrectly entered the Get object, add the correct object. If you need further [...]

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Prompt: Unable to Open Excel File for Writing

When I try to use the Export Data command I get the following error: Unable to open Excel for writing Reason: The file you are trying export to is already open. Solution: Close the Excel file you are trying to export to, then re-export the data. If you need further help, please contact [...]

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Uniform Distribution

The Uniform distribution is a continuous distribution bounded on both sides. Its density does not depend on the value of x. It is a special case of the Beta distribution. It is frequently called rectangular distribution. Most random number generators provide samples from the Uniform distribution on (0,1) and then convert these samples to random variates from other distributions. The Uniform [...]

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