Prompt: Node Translation

When I attempt to simulate, I receive the following prompt: Dialog Heading: Translator Exception Message: Error: A translation Error occurred Chart:*ACTIVITY name* Pass: Node Translation State: Node Translation Reason: An activity in a sub-model has a duplicate name with an activity in another sub-model. Example: Submodel1 and submodel3 have an activity called “Inspect.” Solution: You can easily [...]

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Prompt: Translation Status: Normal Run

 When I select Save and Simulate I receive the following prompt: Translation Status: Normal Run Then the simulator crashes with the following prompt: Main Program,A problem caused the program to stop working correctly.Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution isavailable. The program then returns to the build menu, which [...]

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No Data in the Properties Dialog Box

Question: All the data from my model is gone. The graphics are still there but the there is no data in the properties dialog box, it doesn't show any parameters, action logic, etc. previously entered. Answer: Starting ProcessModel by double-clicking on the .igx file Your data has been overwritten with system defaults. If you have created a [...]

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