Prompt: Error executing Flow80.exe at Path

The first time I start ProcessModel I get an error saying it can't execute iGrafx or Flow80.exe. ProcessModel 5.x and earlier versions, use iGrafx as the front end of the application. Therefore, if you have any iGrafx software already installed on your computer there will be conflicts with the version which ProcessModel installs and uses. If you [...]

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Finding Graphic ID Numbers

There is no way to display the actual graphic ID number of an entity. It must be calculated. A brief explanation will be needed for this process. Each shape (entity, activity, storage, etc.) on the screen has an ID number associated with it which is assigned in the order in which the shape is placed [...]

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Missing Fields & Output Report Options

Several fields and output report options are missing in the ProcessModel: Missing Options in the Simulation Menu. When an object is placed on the layout window and we try to change the object type, the only options available are Activity, Entity and Label. Resource, Storage, and Link are gone. When trying to change arrival type, the only [...]

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