Pull by Priority – Wait for Area Capacity

When you need to pull items from a queue by priority and hold items in the queue until capacity of a group of activities is available.

Pull by Priority - Wait for Area Capacity model image

Where to Find the Model Object

The following model object can be found in the model objects directory:

  • Flow Control \ Pull by Priority – Wait for Area Capacity

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Easy
  • Ease of Modification: Easy

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open Your Model: Open your model or create a new blank model.
  2. Insert the Model Object into Your Model
    1. Locate the model object Pull by Priority – Wait for Area Capacity and select the insert button.
    2. Move the cursor to the point of insertion and left mouse-click. The upper left corner of the model object will be inserted at the location of the mouse-click.
  3. Connect to Your Model
    1. Create a percentage route from the point in your model where you would like to pull entities by priority and connect it to Queue 1.from your model Pull by Priority
    2. Connect the percentage route coming from Queue 1 to the rest of your model.from queue 1 Pull by Priority
  4. Move Objects: Move all blue objects to a notes layer on your model.model layers in Pull by Priority
  5. Define Values
    1. Define the values for scenario parameter s_LoopDelay1 to change the amount of time between re-sequence of entities.
    2. Define the values for attribute a_Priority before the entity arrives at Queue 1.
  6. Update Objects: Change the name of Queue 1 to what maybe appropriate for your model.
  7. Review Model
    1. Sequencer1: This is a resource with the purpose of pulling then highest priority items to the front of the queue regardless of the capacity of the receiving activities.sequencer in Pull by Priority
    2. Capacity Controller1: This is a resource with the purpose of controlling the capacity of several activities.capacity controller in Pull by Priority
  8. Completion: The model object is now integrated into your model, you should now be able to save and then simulate the model.

Controls Usage


  1. a_VATime: To reset the value added time when the entity leaves queue.
  2. a_Priority: Used to set the priority of entities.
  3. a_StartWait1: To know the time when the entity entered the queue.


  1. v_Gate1: The gate that trigger checks which way an entity should move.
  2. v_Waiting_Time1: The waiting time for all entities which enter Queue 1.

Scenario Parameters:

  1. s_LoopDelay1: The amount of time between re-sequence of entities in the queue.
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