Disaster Arrivals Daily

To create arrivals according to a pattern when given only daily summary information.

Disaster Arrivals Weekly

What you have, and what you need

When you are given actual quantities on specific dates:

disaster arrivals daily image 1

AND you need the arrivals spread across the day


disaster arrivals daily image 1

This model object takes actual daily arrivals summaries from past events and creates patterns of arrivals by hour of day. It can be used to recreate events from the past, so you could check the effect of changes OR use a multiplying factor to modify past disasters and change the amplitude to prepare for larger or smaller events.

The object allows Arrivals to be processed for several divisions, center or departments in the same stream of arrivals separated by an attribute. Entity names and graphics could be changed by using an attribute.

The user can define what pattern is used to spread entities across the hours of the day. These are predefined patterns AND the patterns are changeable.

This model object can be used multiple times in the same model by saving the Excel file as a new name, and then linking a separate object to that new file. This means different disasters can have completely different patterns of arrivals.

Where to Find the Model Object

The Model Object is available at the following location within Model Objects:

  • Arrivals \ Disaster Arrivals Daily

Difficulty Level

  • Ease of Use: Moderate
  • Ease of Modification: Moderate

How to Use the Model Object

  1. Open Your Model
  2. Insert the Model Object in Your Model: Locate the appropriate location where you would like to place the model object, move the view to the location and then insert the model object.
  3. Use the Black Box as the Arrival: This means, when entities leave the black box, it is as if they are entering the model for the first time. Connect from the Black Box to the remainder of your model. The entity can be changed to any entity you choose. When changing the entity, don’t delete the arrival.black box connection
  4. Right Click the Excel Icon and Click the Third Option from the Bottom to Open the Excel File

    Open Disaster Arrivals Daily excel fileClick Enable Content if prompted

    Enable Macro

  5. Enter the Start Time: This will be the time each day when arrives start to enter your model.