Make Your Six Sigma Process a Lean, Mean, Optimization Machine with Process Simulation

Advanced process simulation for Six Sigma Professionals allows changes to the process in a safe and virtual environment.

Improving The Six Sigma Process

Pratt & Whitney has found a new and improved way to tackle their Measure phase using process modeling and simulation. Essentially, they’ve created a digital twin of their production process, a living replica of the existing system.

  • Creating a model forces the modeler to learn how the system operates

  • Modeling forces the process experts to accurately describe the system

  • Modeling sparks questions otherwise never asked

Aircraft Engine

Pratt & Whitney has also used their digital twin to refine the Analyze phase in the DMAIC process. Analysis typically involves running the numbers to find patterns and gain understanding. However, with a digital twin Pratt & Whitney examines any aspect of their production process in detail and see the behaviors and causes of any issues.

a digital twin depiction

During the Improve phase a digital twin allows a company to make changes to its production process and see the potential consequences of those changes before implementing them in the existing system. Using a digital twin you can do the following:

  • See and remove non value adding activities

  • Remove Waste, and apply lean guidelines

  • Address current state issues

  • Enhance process dynamics

  • Conduct quantitative optimization

Overall, incorporating process simulation into the Improve phase of Six Sigma can help a company to dramatically improve its process.

Organizations that trust ProcessModel Simulation around the globe for Six Sigma performance improvement

Organizations like Pratt & Whitney, PG&E, Nationwide and the Kaiser use ProcessModel’s discrete event simulation software to solve common challenges, make significant cost savings and drive quality improvement in their Six Sigma projects.

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